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Domestic Sales Manager:
1. College education, optical communications / electronics and information engineering or computer-related professional, college graduates also excellent;
2. Can be hard, obey the company to arrange and deploy strong reception, cheerful, warm and generous, honest and trustworthy;
3. There is interest in the sales or work experience, able to develop customer resources through telephone, networks and other means;
4. Familiar with optical communications, network, or fiber (city, road) monitor the transmission system project related security industry sales experience is preferred.
Foreign sales Representative:
1. Male or female, optinistic, more than one year  work experiences in foreign trade business sales, work independently opinions;
2. English above CET 4, listening ,speaking, reading and writing fluency; proficiency in office software;
3. Familiar trade import and export business of operating procedures, will use Alibaba, Global Sources, Made in China and other foreign trade platform;
4. Have good communication skills and negotiation skills, teamwork, and can work under pressure;
5. Understand the operating AliExpress other B2C platform priority.